About Cards of Science: Psychology


Cards of Science: Psychology publishes cards summarizing scientific articles on psychological sciences in less than 100 words.

As psychological research suggests that complex messages are best grasped when we are motivated and able to process the information, Cards of Science’s objective is to effectively disseminate the latest scientific discoveries in an interesting and accessible way. The format of the cards further aims to maximize readability and adaptability to mobile devices.

Cards of Science: Psychology aims at disseminating robust psychological science:

  • One card covers one peer-reviewed scientific article.
  • The card is written by one of the authors of the original article.
  • Open-science practices are valued and reflected with the three Open Science Framework badges: Open data, Open material, and pre-registration.

The founder of Card of Science, Adrien Mierop, is a post-doctoral researcher in psychological sciences at UCLouvain (Belgium). His work focuses mainly on human learning, but he has a strong interest in meta-science, open-science, and science popularization.